Bill Glover

Creative Director

Bill Glover is the founding principal of Design Partners and has served as Collaborative's primary designer since 2001. Bill contributes to Collaborative's products with designs that brand client work with unique identities, while allowing designs to help make products accessible and useful. He produces multifaceted and multimedia products and has worked with Collaborative to produce complex print publications, electronic presentations and ideas for using creative technology solutions.

Before starting Design Partners, Bill was vice president of environmental design for Creel Morrell Inc., a national graphic design firm. His responsibilities included design and project management for exhibits, as well as for graphics used in everyday environments. He has also held the position of Senior Designer at DesignLink in Bethesda, Maryland as well as Senior Designer for the Rockbridge Group, a marketing, public relations and communications firm.

His experience includes being a professor of graphic design and three-dimensional design at Marymount University, and as a participating member of Society of Environmental Graphic Designers and American Institute of Graphic Arts. Bill graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and photography.