Kris Kurtenbach

Founding Partner

Kris Kurtenbach is devoted to developing collaborative solutions to education, workforce and community challenges, including efforts across institutions to improve college and career readiness. She works with leading individuals and philanthropic and education organizations at the federal, national, state, community and school-district levels to achieve their goals through planning and design; facilitation and moderation; strategic consulting and positioning; and outreach and community engagement.

Kris founded Collaborative Communications on the belief that civic leaders and civic stakeholders can mobilize the ongoing political will of communities to demand and support high-performing public education systems and solutions. To this end, Kris designs and builds community-based organizations, and creates and supports strategies for engagement across various sectors of a community. Her work includes the creation of tools for conversation, facilitation of neighborhood and cross-sector conversations, and strategic advice, coaching and consultation. In addition, Kris has helped school districts create community-based visions for success and then developed plans to achieve those visions. Her work also includes initiative support to national school reform networks that seek to integrate community engagement and mobilization efforts into project plans.

Kris's experience includes communications strategy and implementation, facilitation and moderation, and strategic and organizational consulting to foundations, nonprofits, policymakers, education leaders and community leaders. She has helped to create and manage networks of mayors working for education improvement in California and Arizona. She has worked extensively with federal and state policymakers as well as municipal and education leaders in cities and towns across the country. She has written extensively on education and publication engagement.

Kris has a Master's degree in education policy and administration from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in magazine journalism and a Bachelor's of Arts degree in literature from the University of Kansas.