Jeff Stovall

Interactive Services Director

Jeff is a web technologist with experience bridging the gap between vision and execution for mission-oriented organizations. With a focus on data-driven decision making and disciplined project execution, he excels at building bridges and helping teams unify around the central goals of digital efforts.

Before joining Collaborative Communications, Jeff served as the Digital Marketing Manager at Rosetta Stone, managing the Enterprise and Education team’s efforts to expand marketing reach and increase marketing capabilities. Previously, Jeff worked at Seabourne Consulting, a small technology startup, ensuring the day-to-day success of the rapidly growing business by managing many of the administrative aspects of the company, as well as most client technology projects. His experiences include ESI International, overseeing marketing efforts supporting the company’s international online properties, TIG Global, where he handled online marketing efforts for Hilton and LXR hotel properties, RIESTER/IWS, where he managed the interactive media strategies for clients across a wide variety of industries, as well as The Kennedy Center, where he was part of the team identifying and acquiring private and corporate funding for the Center’s educational programs.

Jeff lives with his wife, Francoise, and their dog, Sawyer, in Washington, DC.